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Okay so Alexis is alive! Now where’s everyone else?

& is Jordan gonna die?

All I Can Say

I am so afraid that either Molly, Alexis, Danny, or TJ are dead. It better not be Molly is all I can say.

Are They Really?

So hopefully Sam and Sylias are breaking up lol.


So it isn’t just me that thinks maybe Levi called that number or something from Nathan’s phone? Good. 

Could It Be Possible?

Is Nikolas falling for Britt again.

I also feel bad for Molly. 2 “deaths” in such a short time.


It really does suck about Rafe :(

All I could think about when Michael walked in with Morgan on Tracy and Alice was get er Michael! I don’t like Tracy lately. 

The second week

I like Finding Carter. Tonight isn’t as interesting or as entrancing as last week, but it’s trying. I love me some Grant. I thought I liked the Dad, but now I’m not sure. I don’t think I do.

On a side note I really wanna see the new Purge. I just won’t have the money til two weeks after it comes out most likely. Facepalm.


Maxie, are you just now realizing you love Nathan? I can’t wait til they get together. 

Also I missed the first thirty minutes. Did Patrick decide to save him or not?

Birth Mom

I can’t help but not like Carter’s birth mom even tho I feel for her. Carter’s not really trying to understand her either. She can’t think she was my kid’s mom and took good care of her. She can only think she stole my baby. The emotional attachment isn’t gonna be there for her. 

Btw I love her brother :) 

Awesome =]

This show is the best! I was afraid I’d be hyped up for no reason, and it’d suck. It’s awesome tho. Def recommend.