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End Game

Ava had better not poison Micheal. I always said I’d end game this show over Jason. I just might really do it over Micheal. 

Team Sonny Don’t Be So Pushy

I kinda didn’t like how pushy Sonny was to Carly. I’m still team them getting back together tho .


Oh man Ava kills Michael I freak. I don’t think that’ll happen tho. I feel comforted in that. Someone needs to take these people down! At least she doesn’t want to.

Not. Sarcasm At It’s Finest.

I love how Carter’s dad is acting like he wasn’t writing the book all along. Good job! Bravo!


Can I just say that I was hoping they’d really have a threeway? I kinda dig Milo liking Epiphany, but I was so sure he meant Felix. SMH>


Okay so Alexis is alive! Now where’s everyone else?

& is Jordan gonna die?

All I Can Say

I am so afraid that either Molly, Alexis, Danny, or TJ are dead. It better not be Molly is all I can say.

Are They Really?

So hopefully Sam and Sylias are breaking up lol.


So it isn’t just me that thinks maybe Levi called that number or something from Nathan’s phone? Good. 

Could It Be Possible?

Is Nikolas falling for Britt again.

I also feel bad for Molly. 2 “deaths” in such a short time.