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No it can’t be! But it is. Helena’s back!

Ships Come In/My baby Is Back!

My baby is back! We can’t see his face yet, but he’s back. 

Patrick and Sam would be cool together. I hate that it’ll probably never happen. 

& I forever ship Maxie and Nathan. They could be right up there with Jason and Sam for me. 

End Game

Ava had better not poison Micheal. I always said I’d end game this show over Jason. I just might really do it over Micheal. 

Team Sonny Don’t Be So Pushy

I kinda didn’t like how pushy Sonny was to Carly. I’m still team them getting back together tho .


Oh man Ava kills Michael I freak. I don’t think that’ll happen tho. I feel comforted in that. Someone needs to take these people down! At least she doesn’t want to.

Not. Sarcasm At It’s Finest.

I love how Carter’s dad is acting like he wasn’t writing the book all along. Good job! Bravo!


Can I just say that I was hoping they’d really have a threeway? I kinda dig Milo liking Epiphany, but I was so sure he meant Felix. SMH>


Okay so Alexis is alive! Now where’s everyone else?

& is Jordan gonna die?

All I Can Say

I am so afraid that either Molly, Alexis, Danny, or TJ are dead. It better not be Molly is all I can say.

Are They Really?

So hopefully Sam and Sylias are breaking up lol.